[redesigned site] Nav change proposal [optional agenda+]

Briefly: for now because it's late. I propose that anyone who wants to discuss this stay on the phone after the EOWG meeting on Friday. I can say more then if helpful.

Timing: I hope we can agree on a tentative change Friday just for the usability testing, and we can continue to refine it in the coming weeks as needed.

Proposal Summary: Move "Media" out from under "Tutorials".


Current tutorials are very specific and mostly targeted to specific Developing tasks (developers role) - forms, tables, carousels, etc.

The new Accessible Media resource is broader and has a *much wider audience*.

For various reasons, there was an attempt to make it more tutorial-like.
I think it doesn't fit with the other tutorials - and I think some others feel very strongly about that.

The redesign WAI website
currently has the following under the "Design & Develop" nav item:
 Mobile Accessibility Intro 
 WAI-ARIA Developers' Intro 
 Tutorials  > ...

I propose that we put the new Media resource at that level, e.g.:
 Accessible Media (Video, Audio)
 Mobile Accessibility Intro 
 WAI-ARIA Developers' Intro 
 Tutorials  > ...
I talked with the editor and project lead, and she is probably OK with this proposal. (wanted to sleep on it)

About the specific nav wording:
* ... (Video, Audio) - personally I think "Accessible Media" by itself won't be clear enough to many people. However, if others are against including "(Video, Audio)", then we could leave it off for usability testing and we might get some insight from participants on whether it might be needed.
Could do just:
* "Media (Video, Audio)"

Related issue: We'd need to tweak the title if we're not calling it a "Tutorial". We can go look at minutes of previous discussions and may find a suggestion we are all comfortable with. :-) But I do not think we need to bother with that for usability testing.

All for now -- Hope to talk to you tomorrow!


Received on Friday, 22 September 2017 04:29:23 UTC