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Re: Headers and Templates merged

From: Shadi Abou-Zahra <shadi@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2009 15:11:05 +0100
Message-ID: <496214F9.8020808@w3.org>
To: Eric Eggert <w3c@yatil.de>
CC: Bad TaskForce <public-wai-eo-badtf@w3.org>

Hi Eric,

Happy new year! This is a great present, thank you for working on it. It 
looks really good, please find below a few minor bugs. I also put some 
questions for discussion and listed the remaining action items for the 
sake of completion:

- links on left navigation disappear briefly after clicking them
- part of demo navigation links disappear when they are selected (white 
text on light gray background of the tabs)
- corner gifs are missing from page border (see below)

- left navigation shows "Tickets" instead of "Home"
- "Home" link should be disabled to avoid self-referencing
- "full story" and "read more" links are broken (should go to News page)

- "News" link should be disabled to avoid self-referencing

- "Tickets" link should be disabled to avoid self-referencing

- "Survey" link should be disabled to avoid self-referencing

- do we also want [Previous example] links on the demo navigation?
- are the hover/select effects on the right-hand menu too strong?

Open issues:
- provide a different set of links for the "Quick Menu" (Shadi)
- update the questions/layout of the survey page (Liam)


Eric Eggert wrote:
> Hi!
> Iíve got a small new yearís present for you. Headers and Templates are 
> now merged, see [1]. As always there is a ZIP archive available for 
> further investigation [2].
> Please have a look into it until January 3rd and send feedback so we can 
> move on and get a final version ready until the next teleconference.
> I wish all of you a happy and accessible new year,
> Eric
> [1] http://ericeggert.net/badtf/index/
> [1] http://ericeggert.net/badtf/Archive.zip

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