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Minutes: WAI Coordination Call, 31 July

From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 15:31:52 -0400
To: public-wai-cc@w3.org
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Minutes from the WAI Coordination Call of 31 July are provided below as text.
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                                                                                                            - DRAFT -

                                                                                              WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

31 Jul 2019


          tzviya, janina, Joanmarie_Diggs, Rachael, Judy, MichaelC, George, CharlesL





     * Topics
         1. Upcoming announcements & publications
         2. Timed Text 3D Captions, and dynamic annotated video (danmaku)
         3. Knowledge domains (math, chem, music) check-in
         4. Timed Text 3D Captions, and dynamic annotated video (danmaku)
         5. Knowledge domains (math, chem, music) check-in
         6. Community Groups check-in?
         7. Pre-planning TPAC plenary day break-outs?
         8. Fukuoka PB F2f
         9. Pre-planning TPAC plenary day break-outs?
        10. Infoshare WGs and TFs
     * Summary of Action Items
     * Summary of Resolutions

   <scribe> scribe: janina

   jb: Next meeting 14 August. Any advance regrets?


Upcoming announcements & publications

   <Judy> js: RQTF of APA has approved CAPTCHA for publishing

   <Judy> jb: great, when

   <Judy> js: week after this

   <Judy> jb: need announcements?

   <Judy> js: blog, home page news, etc.

Timed Text 3D Captions, and dynamic annotated video (danmaku)

   jb: Expecting work on captions in multiple places including Timed Text, expect a Charter draft for management review soon
   ... Also some captioning followup from the XR Workshop

   gk: Asks about 3d/2d ... all web/ Or also printable?

   jb; Believe refers to captions superimposed on a visual immersive environment, not haptic rendering ...

   jb: however ...
   ... Questions have been on location and orientation against background, playing with perspective, those kinds of things

   gk: Diagram has the notion of a tour of 3d objects, or 2d tactile
   ... Explains how to tour/explore the object

   jb; Rotate holographic object?

   gk: If you think of holding a statue, you don't know what it is, then you find out things, arms are broken off, etc.
   ... tells how to explore the object

   js Things to notice?

   jb: Don't think TT has anything like that, but this could be a good use case for XAUR

Knowledge domains (math, chem, music) check-in

Timed Text 3D Captions, and dynamic annotated video (danmaku)

   kp: Have been doing separate work, but on transcripts which are related though not the same
   ... We find transcripts more useful for entire sentences, and for heading structured markup
   ... We're using notes tags
   ... Journalism wants more transcripts
   ... The slight differences make a big difference

Knowledge domains (math, chem, music) check-in

   gk: We have a CG for Chem with 3 chairs
   ... Having monthly calls, wiki is set up, minutes being published
   ... 3 participants will be writing NSF grant proposals
   ... I am reluctant for this to move too quickly without funding, because there's lots to look at and we need to play well with next release of MathML

   jb: A unified effort?

   gk: Already is in MathML, but machines can tell when you're in chemistry vs math
   ... That raises pronunciation issues

   gik: among other issues

   <Judy> js: any thoughts about being declarative about it?

   <Judy> gk: yes we are thinking about that

   jd: If you think ARIA think about attrib, not a role
   ... We will always need to know the role, i.e. the context

   jb: Curious whether any additional opinions from the wider community?

   cl: Neil is leading MathML refresh
   ... Peter F's Math on the Web seems to have stalled
   ... Not many active people in this space, so competing isn't viable

   jb: Is Peter joining this work?

   cl: No, he's not a fan to MathML


   jb: Has there been outreach? Are people aware this is welcoming participation?

   cl: Yes. Multiple people do participate

   js: Believe Peter's concern was that MathML wasn't achieving a compelling print layout

   jb: Anyone doing outreach on that issue? It is important

   cl: Not sure
   ... Emphasis seems to be on web, on reasons browsers weren't adopting
   ... Going toward more reliance on CSS

   gk: I know KD -- we're still looking for cochair
   ... We were wanting a chair from mainstream
   ... No candidates yet, and there are areas in chem and math where we see overarching solutions to the issue
   ... Did presentation at Accessing Higher Ground
   ... Good looking, navigation of structures with highlighting as it's navigated, without correct speech and braille, all in SVG that supports good magnification
   ... Seems to apply to a broad range of STEM
   ... Volker had cool demo of exploring aspirin
   ... Pushing the model into KD would be a good idea, but we need funding

   jb: Asking any update on music markup?

   gk: MusicML is progressing primarily focussed on braille scoring
   ... Sarah Morley Wilkins has funding to move this forward. Mtg in June
   ... 20-30 participants, looking at an on line repository that we could share
   ... Noting it's easier to write proposals for chem and math than for KD, until we have a more fleshed out explanation. Who would we approach?

Community Groups check-in?

   jb: Wondering whether there might be a more incremental approach?

   <Judy_> js: One new idea. Needs APA discussion though. Possibly could do a walk-through at TPAC.

   jb: APA, please review CGs meeting at TPAC to see whether that's an opportunity to move something

   <Judy_> jb: Can you have an update on community groups for Aug 14?

Pre-planning TPAC plenary day break-outs?

   mc: AGWG will do joint with Silver

   jb: How AOM?

   jd: Alice will be present, and I am rather assuming she'll come by

   js: APA will be asking her and Avneesh

Fukuoka PB F2f

   gk: Agenda for the half-day Publishers' Business event Thursday under development
   ... a11y is included
   ... Looking well organized

   jb: Support OK?

   gk: Yes
   ... Believe we're bringing in people -- Japanese publishers not necessarily W3C aware

   cl: Is that an open mtg?

   gk: Did you see the agenda?

   jb: It's a relevant question whether one can just attend
   ... CL, you should have the connection?

   cl: think so, but not sure

   jb: Should be confirmable. GK?

   gk: yes, will do
   ... Should I post info to the CC list

   jb: It's a public list, seems relevant to share, but it should be clear who can attend if posted on list

   gk: OK

Pre-planning TPAC plenary day break-outs?

Infoshare WGs and TFs

   jb: Anyone? ...

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

Present: tzviya janina Joanmarie_Diggs Rachael Judy MichaelC George CharlesL
Found Scribe: janina
Found Date: 31 Jul 2019


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