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Minutes: WAI Coordination Call, 3 July

From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 15:37:01 -0400
To: public-wai-cc@w3.org
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Minutes from the WAI Coordination Call of 3 July are provided below as text.
They're also available as hypertext at:



                                                                                                            - DRAFT -

                                                                                              WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

03 Jul 2019


          Judy, tzviya, Joanmarie_Diggs, janina, MichaelC, George, jeanne

          James, Brent




     * Topics
         1. Upcoming announcements & publications
         2. TPAC registrations, travel, format, topics
         3. M-Enabling report
         4. Accessibility and Publishing, including of the audio variety
     * Summary of Action Items
     * Summary of Resolutions

   <Judy> meeting: WAI Coordination Call

   <scribe> scribe: janina

   <Judy> **NEXT MEETING JULY 17**

Upcoming announcements & publications

   <Judy> Janina: 2nd wide review of CAPTCHA

   <Judy> ...is out, till the 26th

   CAPTCHA 2nd wide review: http://www.w3.org/TR/turingtest

TPAC registrations, travel, format, topics

   jb: EO will NOT be meeting after all

   js: APA meets Thurs-Fri

   <joanie> ARIA is coming

   ARIA is Mond-Tues

   jb: Plenary format will not be better supported by tooling -- we hope!

   jean: Notes the mad scramble is horribly inaccessible

   ts: Had AB discussion about this, too. It's also inaccessible for new folks, shy folks, certain cultures, etc., etc.

   <Judy> [JB: To clarify, my current understanding is that new tooling may *not* be ready for this year's TPAC.]

   jb: Notes discussion on how to bring up member accessibility implementation in their own pages

   gk: Have we discussed specifically recruiting people with disabilities to participate in W3C WGs??
   ... Believe we need a11y expertise in each and every W3C WG

   <Judy> jb: is hearing that as a "creative pariticipation" person on that panel

   janina: Many W3C WG's are working on below the user interface plumbing apis, which would not affect a11y one way or the other
   ... APA horizontal review page indicates a lot of specs "No need to review."

   ts: It's important to have pwd in any and all groups, whether or not there's a11y impact of their output

M-Enabling report

   jb: Was only able to participate part of the time
   ... AI was coming up over and over
   ... Pieces of work, but no overall approach yet on leveraging AI for a11y
   ... There was an Authoring Tools panel
   ... Question came up why ATAG not taken up more, but response wasn't fully informed
   ... We hope to get ATAGsupporting material
   ... Chris Law hold post M-Enabling meeting on developing a11y reporting standards

Accessibility and Publishing, including of the audio variety

   ts: New dpub spec on audiobook as master resource, an FPWD

   <tzviya> https://www.w3.org/TR/audiobooks/

   gk: Maybe that sync media may not be the best alternate media approach
   ... Notes ISO vote on NISO epub spec has started

   jb: You're in position to note and address any comments?

   gk: Can respond to the spec and vote
   ... Hard to follow as they come in

   jb; There's a way, but it's possibly not easy to setup

   gk: Notes NISO may be different from ISO -- Will check on NISO

   jb: Authority and full access at the appropriate time is probably the thing to get
   ... Notes Games just concluded, and automotive upcoming
   ... XR a11y WS still a possibility late in the year
   ... Asking about interest in a11y XR?

   gk: Very much, just insufficient bandwidth

   jb: What about a broader inclusive XR topic?

   ts: Also bandwidth problem

   jb: Noting need for RTT support in WebRTC, checking on it

   <Judy> js: may just need a paragraph to explain, and to link to the relevant existing protocols....

   jb: Now updated aGWG Charter ... about to go for wide review, and w3M

   <MichaelC> https://raw.githack.com/w3c/wcag/charter-2019/charter.html

   js: Believe Silver timeline incorrect

   mc: OK, please advise

   jb: Thought I saw 3 different timelines for 1 thing
   ... May be some contradictory info in the draft

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

Present: Judy tzviya Joanmarie_Diggs janina MichaelC George jeanne
Regrets: James Brent
Found Scribe: janina
Found Date: 03 Jul 2019


Janina Sajka

Linux Foundation Fellow
Executive Chair, Accessibility Workgroup:	http://a11y.org

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Chair, Accessible Platform Architectures	http://www.w3.org/wai/apa
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