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Minutes of the 15 March WAICC meeting

From: Jeanne Spellman <jspellman@spellmanconsulting.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 16:02:33 -0400
To: WAI Coordination Call <public-wai-cc@w3.org>
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       [1] http://www.w3.org/

                                - DRAFT -

                                  WAI CC

15 Mar 2017

    See also: [2]IRC log

       [2] http://www.w3.org/2017/03/15-waicc-irc


           janina, Joanmarie_Diggs, Rich_Schwerdtfeger,
           Katie_Haritos-Shea, jeanne, MichaelC,



           jeanne, George


      * [3]Topics
          1. [4]Confirm scribe, agenda
          2. [5]AGWG FPWD: which groups are reviewing and by when?
          3. [6]Feedback, info, themes from CSUN 2017?
          4. [7]ARIA Module on Personalization
          5. [8]Cross-platform API in incubation
          6. [9]Update on Tools accessibility
          7. [10]Update on Silver?
          8. [11]Update up on digital publishing kickoff
      * [12]Summary of Action Items
      * [13]Summary of Resolutions

Confirm scribe, agenda

    <George> OK, George is starting to scribe.

AGWG FPWD: which groups are reviewing and by when?

    <George> jb: Welcome Katie and rich

    <MichaelC> [14]https://www.w3.org/blog/2017/02/wcag21-fpwd/

      [14] https://www.w3.org/blog/2017/02/wcag21-fpwd/


      [15] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ig/2017JanMar/0277.html

    <George> jb: Congrats to Michael in getting 2.1 out in feb
    which was the goal.

    <George> jB: We are trying to get 2.1 completed quickly, so
    relevant groups should review and get it in their schedule

    <George> MC: we need to finish tech work by end of year and
    then the issues can be addressed. We need to see what 2.1 will
    look line before deciding if a 2.2 is needed.

    <George> JB: questions

    <George> SAZ: whohoo

    <George> MC: this first version has stuff that was not fully
    vetted and these are expecially likely to change.

    <George> AK: about 60 issues have come in, from github

    <George> MC: 82 open issue and perhaps 30 comments

    <Ryladog> what is the link to the Github WCAG 2.1

    <George> LS: There probably any feedback from COGA. It is too
    complicated to comment on.

    <George> LS: We need to pull out COGA andgive the community
    something they can read that does not invlove as much reading.

    <George> LS:Hopefully we can get some feed back after we finish
    this document that pulls out relevant items.

    <Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to say we shouldn´t view ¨the coga

    <George> MC: when we say pulling out success criteria. Pay
    attentionto the extraction of the COGA success criteria items.

    <George> MC: it was not clear to me that you were extracting a
    subset. Be careful.

    <Lisa_Seeman> the link to what we are doing is at :

      [16] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NBjIZgCRNRXbdC1xtrYu9vMwgEEpGDSLDZ_5IcpN0zw/edit?usp=sharing

    <George> JB: Offering an idea. We have done something like this
    in the past with WCAG 1 were people were not accustom to
    integrating. Deaf and hard of hearing and also with SMIL and
    UAG. It can be helpful to get a highlighted view.

    <George> JB: MC and AK are concerned and people can focus their
    time on the relevant sections.

    <George> LS: Lisa posted a link and if people can make comments
    or add something. There are links to the official version and
    We tryied to send out the whole document. People looked at it
    and were intimidated.

    <George> JB: We did something in the past with AT vendors who
    would not read the whole document. The caused event could bring
    in comments.

    <George> MC: End of March is when comments should get in. It is
    a line in the samd.

    <George> JB: we want the intersection of issues correct.

    <George> AK: I think it has been difficult for any task force
    to feel like they are up to speed on other task forces.

    <George> AK: We are finding that there is alignment between one
    or another.

    <George> Kathy: there is a lot of email going around. we are
    struggling to review of the materials.

    <George> JB: good opp to run in advance of this milestone. Get
    practice in making comments between the irritations. I will
    asume you are on top of that.

    <George> LS: it might be worth holding a call educational calls
    so people can understand the user needs of the different
    groups. 2 or three calls that could be recorded.

    <Kim> +1

    <George> LS:This could give people a better feel for the COGA
    topic. Lisa would love to know more about the other task

    <George> AK: perhaps scheduling an additional call on Thursdays
    to give people more time to get into the depths of the
    proposals. Everybody is feeling strapped for time.

    <George> JB: Thank you anddrew. In the past there were
    objections about Cognative and learning and it went well beyond

    <Lisa_Seeman> Any time!

    <George> JB: Lisa thank you for offering an educational opp.

    <George> GK: AI to get the document in front of EPUB CG and ask
    for comments.

    <George> RS: we are swamped.

    <George> JS: we decided not to take it on as a formal review.
    There are plenta of APA folks involved in the review.

    <George> JB: I am worried at CSUN were not going to look at it
    at this point.

    <George> JB: We are at a time when haveing reviews at a later
    date would lead to unexpected results.

    <George> Takeup next item

    <Ryladog> Can you not hear me? Did you mute me?

Feedback, info, themes from CSUN 2017?

    <George> JB: is there anything that people want to say about

    <George> JB: what should we be doing corridinating with.
    Relevant items with other groups.

    <George> KS: Not ignoring you. mic problem.

    <George> KS: One thing, I did not send to WAI-IG. They did not
    get the announcements oops. Katie will do it.

    <George> JB: Michael, do you know what happened.

    <George> JB: it dd go out to the IG.


      [17] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ig/2017JanMar/0277.html

    <George> JB: went out Feb 28 and fine for that to come from

    <George> JB: please coordinate with Michael on a follow up

    <jeanne> scribe: jeanne

    <janina> wai-ig announcement of wcag 2.1 at:

      [18] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ig/2017JanMar/0277.html

ARIA Module on Personalization

    <MichaelC> [19]Personalization Semantics editors´ draft

      [19] https://w3c.github.io/personalization-semantics/

    JB: New item from the ARIA group. The topic of Personalization
    has come up over and over again in WAI. Prior efforts have
    never materialized, but if we bring it to more people's
    attention, along with a clear focal point, perhaps things will
    be different this time..
    ... there may be a formal announcements

    MC: It started in COGA as a result of the Gap Analysis. It went
    to ARIA where it did not have a lot of progress.
    ... It is important to some of the proposed success criteria in
    WCAG 2.1, so it has been put on a faster track

    <George> George can take the minutes back.

    LS: I am coordinating with Madeleine Rothberg and the Low
    Vision Accessibility Task Force
    ... that may increase it's scope in WAI.
    ... it can address issues for other user groups
    ... I'm hoping it will be powerful beyond it's starting point

    <George> LS: the personalization can also help people outside

    <George> JB: other questions or comments?

    <scribe> scribe: George

    MC: announced when first draft published in about a month from

    JB: Should we be engaging people in theformative stage.

    MC: we need to manage people's expetation, but no issue with
    letting people know about it.

    JB: interested in recruiting -- err on the side of
    lettingpeople know.

Cross-platform API in incubation

    JB: missing a URI that I need in the web incubation group. if
    somebody could help me out.

    JB there has been a series of efforts over several decades to
    get AT and OS on developing an API for testing for cross
    platform compatibility Browser venders are moving this into a
    community group space.

    JB: many benefits for people with disabilities and mainstream
    developers. Judy is passing on the news. Michael or Janina, do
    you have links you can drop in.

    M: Wickid Witch group? Are brooms used instead of URL?

    JB: JB pleas watch that spact.

    <Judy> WICG Web Incubator Community Group

Update on Tools accessibility

    <Lisa_Seeman> ahhh

    jb: Update on tools accessibility

    JB a month ago we had a visit from Philippe Le Hégaret who is
    responsible to make the tools more accessible.

    JB: we had bugs submitted includa the COGA group. Michael has
    tried to move the comments into more fixes in to the tools.
    ... PL may join us in two weeks to help move this along.
    Michael, can you update?

    MC: I have been asked to say the issues. Michael is putting
    issues in a team space wiki. A lot of the issues comes down to
    documentation. There are accessibility issues including
    ... So far the tool we have heard concerns with github, IRC,
    and more.

    JB: we don't directly controls. Regarding tools that are not
    W3C. We need to manage expetations.

    <MichaelC> [20]Cognitive A11Y TF notes taken by Lisa

      [20] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bxhXLpsqIy5p6zZHxlsSvjmhUjFqSFGCgE4eelRJxH8/edit#heading=h.kw1d4aqravna

    JB: communicate directly with the tool owners to address
    accessibility bugs.
    ... there may be work arounds that we might do.Media Wiki and
    problems come up. issues with low vision where there are
    specific with magnified text which could mess up the whole
    ... Michale did you capture this?MC: I have not captured media
    wiki issues.

    MC: I am trying to consolidate the issues coming from a variety
    of places.

    LS: I was talking to a guy on wikimedia. Lost the German team
    on SKYPE, but lost them. Will try to find them.

    JB can point developers to guidelines to help them. Michael
    will add WebEx to the issues page.

    <Judy> agenda order is 7, 12

Update on Silver?

    JB: Jeanne, presentations on Silver

    JS: two well attended sessions and one lightening talk during
    the evening.
    ... we have completed a working draft of stake holders map and
    identified 30 roles or occupations that use wcag and mapped
    that to how they use it.

    GK: 350 people have nominated or self-nominated as
    stakeholders. We have 29 researchers who have expressed
    interest, of which 5 have selected their project. We have a
    list of research questions. We have started a Community Group
    for the researchers and will be encouraging researchers to sign
    up next week.

    JB: Thank you. that was great. Getting a draft of the research
    questions to this group would be good.


      [21] https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/Research_Projects

    JB: I was curious
    ... it sounded like the focus was shifting to useability
    ... has there been a shift

    JS: at the moment we are looking atuseability.
    ... we are looking at an expanding scope that we can plug in.

    JB: some people did not understand what joinig a stakholders
    list, but happy

Update up on digital publishing kickoff

    <jeanne> scribe: jeanne

    GK: Interesting week. @@ Lab in Belgium had an ePub summit.
    Days of presentations on the uptake of ePub around the world.
    May become an annual event
    ... March 13 was a meeting with Board of Directors, Business
    PUblishing Group and others.
    ... ePub Community Group for ePub 3 for future development
    ... may include ePub Accessiiblity 1.1
    ... they will be at TPAC on the last two days 8 & 9 November -
    2 day publishing summit
    ... this may attract people beyond the usual TPAC attendees.
    ... very good kickoff.

    JB: We had a recent merger between W3C and IDPF. We are in a
    phase where we are trying to better coordinate the work.
    ... If there are opportunities to work more closely in this
    area, this is a good arena to address them.

    KR: Will that be post-TPAC or during the TPAC.

    GK: It will be the last two days
    ... Bill @@ was the director of IDPF, and he is now the W3C
    Staff Contact
    ... The meeting was also attended by Ivan Herman and Karen

    JB: I don't think we announced it in the WAI-IG, so it might be
    a good idea to make an announcement on WAI-IG after Bill George
    and I sync up, which we need schedule

    GK: We also are looking for people to test our reading systems
    testing methodology, and it would be good to announce that on

    Next meeting is 29 March

    <George> JB: next call is March 29 at same time

    <George> JB: thank you everybody

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

    [End of minutes]
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