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Minutes for 18 January Call-In Information

From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 09:36:08 -0500
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Minutes from the WAI CC teleconference of 18 January are provided below as
text. They are also available as hypertext at:



                                                                                   - DRAFT -


18 Jan 2017

   See also: IRC log


          Janina, Joanmarie_Diggs, Brent, MichaelC, Sharron


          Janina, Judy


     * Topics
         1. Welcoming new ARIA WG Co-Chair
         2. Charters: AGWG update; EOWG upcoming
         3. CSUN: WAI announcement; WG and TF participation priorities
         4. Expanding coverage at other key conferences? Do more to promote presentation opportunities?
         5. RQTF: Update on topics under discussion; interest? priorities?
         6. WGs milestones recheck? Publications & announcements updates?
         7. WAI documents needing cross-reviews or coordination?
         8. Heads-up on WAI Roadmap development
         9. WAI documents needing cross-reviews or coordination?
        10. WTAG update
     * Summary of Action Items
     * Summary of Resolutions

   <janina> scribe: Janina

Welcoming new ARIA WG Co-Chair

   jb: Welcoming Joanie Diggs as new ARIA Co-Chair
   ... Also noting that Rich has retired from IBM, but continues as Co-Chair for ARIA under Nobility

   jd: Introduces herself, Igalia, Orca screen reader, a11y of various kinds for 20 years

   [going around the table as people intro themselves for Joanie]

   jb: Notes this call generally includes WAI Chairs and Task Force Facilitators
   ... Objective is to coordinate across our various activities

Charters: AGWG update; EOWG upcoming

   ak: Noting there are 3 formal objections on the proposed WCAG charter
   ... Believe 2 may be withdrawn
   ... There's on going discussion, but may go to the Director for resolution

   jb: I've been pushing W3C Strategy to re-examine the W3C chartering process
   ... The process is arguably more difficult than it ought to be
   ... We also need to be crystal clear on best practice
   ... Also noting next Charter to be renewed is for EO
   ... Would like a wider discussion next CC call on how EO is viewed

CSUN: WAI announcement; WG and TF participation priorities

   jb: Usually Shawn gathers various presentations from W3C people and coordinates the presentation, blogging, etc
   ... CSUN is a great place to look for WG participants
   ... Encouraging people to consider do they have the range of skillsets in their groups

   <Judy> scribe: Judy

   js: in APA, we lost a bit of participation when PFWG split
   ... then we lost more, then regained some
   ... particularly, we're missing cross-system knowledge of how things operate
   ... RS is no longer in APA, that was a loss
   ... "cross operating system knowledge"

   JB: quite specific; any other general

   MC: think APA has a lot of holes in coverage in APA

   <janina> scribe: Janina

   Brent: Recalling EO listed out the various skillsets needed by EO, and made a presentation of it
   ... Expect to revisit this during CSUN F2F

Expanding coverage at other key conferences? Do more to promote presentation opportunities?

   jb: It's useful for W3C to be aware of presentations our Chairs and participants are giving

   Sharon: Ours is Access U

   jb: We probably haven't systematized as much as we might like
   ... Looking for input

RQTF: Update on topics under discussion; interest? priorities?

   jb: This is a new incarnation, in a somewhat different form, of work previously in its own Research WG
   ... Looking for brief update ...

   <shadi> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Web_of_Things

   shadi: My role is mainly transition, but am also continuing to pursue WoT
   ... TF also looking at authentication

   <Judy> scribe: Judy

   Js: the RQTF is full of researchers so they are being systematic, including on CAPTCHA
   ... pulling together lists of research publications on topics that the group is taking up
   ... looking at where the accessibility requirements on specific issues such as authentication, and Silver

   <janina> scribe: Janina

   jb: Inviting people to send anyone who may be interested RQTF's way

WGs milestones recheck? Publications & announcements updates?

   jb: Believe clearest milestones are ARIA and EO at the moment
   ... WCAG should have these in place with the new charter

   <MichaelC> ARIA milestones

   mc: It's hoped that ARIA 1.1 and Core AAM will go CR soon

   <MichaelC> WCAG milestones

   mc: May be falling a bit behind because the automated testing harness is taking longer than hoped
   ... We're due for WCAG Understanding and WCAG Techniques updates, and WCAG 2.1 but need a charter

   jb: Like to discuss this here in case help may be needed

   Brent: We've a few we're hoping to finish by end of March
   ... Tutorials, doc on how pwds use the web ...
   ... Have adjusted schedule in hopes of getting ahead of re-chartering

   Sharon: Some of our deliverables were perhaps too vague
   ... So, we're also working on a web site redesign
   ... So, we're also trying to go beyond in some ways

   jb: In summary I'm not hearing any serious slippage
   ... Notes there is new tooling being developed at W3C, but not necessarily useful for recurring pubs
   ... Asking whether ARIA publication will be pre CSUN and routine?

   mc: No, CR, and yes before CSUN
   ... Up to 3 ARIA by CSUN

WAI documents needing cross-reviews or coordination?

   <Sharron> sorry must drop, let me know if more info is needed, thanks all

   jb: Any pending reviews, or review needs ... ?

   <Judy> scribe: Judy

   JS: Ralph Swick (Arch & Tech Lead) will join next APA WG meeting to discuss MAUR implementation
   ... APIs supporting MAUR
   ... need to plan for correct support being built in
   ... may also need additional support in WCAG
   ... may need really simple support for some kinds of MAUR. It's all there, in the requirements document, but needs better introduction.
   ... can you think of other things to help make media successful.

   <liam> [INK - Information and Knowledge Domain]

   <janina> jb: Noting that sometimes even people aware of MAUR are not recalling the implications as work continues

   <scribe> scribe: Janina

   jb: Updating MAUR?

   js: Yes, probably, including both Daltonization and flash mediation

Heads-up on WAI Roadmap development

   jb: Noting this call covers multiple purposes as the implications of W3C reorganization play out
   ... We will continue to refine
   ... Seems particularly important to create a Roadmap for accessibility
   ... Getting a better handle on APIs, or better educational objective understanding, etc
   ... Or future ARIA -- how that fits in
   ... Notes that other W3C areas are doing similar Roadmap work

   <Judy> https://w3c.github.io/media-web-roadmap/media/transmission.html

   js: Yahoo!

   jb: Does this resonate with people?

   mc: Yes, but concerned who buys in
   ... So unclear how to develop it

   jb: Hope to develop with all stakeholders
   ... Thinking about how many, and which communities we need to impact
   ... Any thoughts on process?
   ... Seems this may be not so much a WG task

   mc: Not sure how to start outside of a WG
   ... Then we would need to be concerned how this would fit with our Charters

   jb: Noting this would be intended to cross Strategic area and Architectural area in W3C
   ... Not yet fleshed out, so am eager for imput
   ... And, once developed, some pieces may be assisted by specific help from specific WGs

   <Brent> As this is a new idea that I am hearing for the first time, it would be nice to have more information around the roadmap scope and the objectives/goals.

   jb: Notes not yet discussed with AC, but has been discussed with the reorg
   ... Asking people to look at the sample in above URI
   ... Reactions appreciated

WAI documents needing cross-reviews or coordination?

   <Joshue> sry

   <Joshue> yup

   <Joshue> just about the LVTF thing

   <Joshue> right

   <Joshue> I pinged you and the guys about it it

   <Joshue> we need to get to the underlining reasons for this stance

   <Joshue> I want to understand it better..

   jb: Concern among low-vision about take-up of various issues

   <Joshue> what time?

   <Joshue> ok

   <Joshue> ok - we will discuss on editors tomorrow

   <Joshue> and then join if needed

   <Joshue> sry about dead mic

WTAG update

   <MichaelC> Draft WTAG Checklist

   mc: Being actively discussed in APA

   <MichaelC> Review request for WTAG checklist

   js: Noting this checklist is for spec developers
   ... Seeking review from various group and technology viewpoints, what do you want spec developers to be sure to cover?

   jb: Should we schedule more time on 508?

   <Joshue> yes

   <Joshue> it would be very useful

   js: Yes

   <Kim> yes

   <Brent> yes

   jb: We will revisit, as we continue to revisit agenda priorities
   ... Next call is February 1

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

Scribes: Janina, Judy
Present: Janina Joanmarie_Diggs Brent MichaelC Sharron


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