Re: Training Examples - format for outlines

My thoughts:

Personal preference #4: For the way I personally process information, the best format is "Format 4 with tabular presentation for learning, outline and activity timing" <> However, I realize that the table format might not work as well for some users, for example, some screen reader users. Therefore, I would be fine with a better option for others.

Not #3: I am not comfortable with the DL formatting - "Format 3 with definition list presentation and learning as DT" <>. I think it is likely to be more complicated for some users.

Second choice is #2: While it is harder for me to read, I'm OK with "Format 2 separated under learnings as H4s" <> Although it's harder for me to process than the table, it's OK, and I appreciate that it might be easier for many others.[1]

Not the "(time first)" formats: As I mentioned at the last EOWG, I do not like having the times first because I think it would lead some presenters to focus too much on time, instead of conveying the message.


I look forward to other perspectives...


[1] NOTE: I think you do not need times on both the H4 and each bullet. I think only on the H4 is sufficient.

Andrew Arch wrote:
> Dear EOWG and WAI-AGE TF,
> A number of different formats for the training and presentation examples 
> outlines have been prepared:
> * Format 1 - ordered list with timing in brackets at the end
> * Format 2 - separated under learnings (H4s)
> * Format 3 - definition list presentation with learning as DT
> * Format 4 - tabular presentation for learning, outline and time
> * Format 5 - tabular presentation and activity time (time last)
> * Format 6 - tabular presentation and activity time (time first)
> * Format 7 - definition list using timing as DT
> See:
> WAI-AGE TF discussed these recently [1] and decided that the outlines 
> highlighting the learnings were preferred (formats 2, 3 or 4 with a 
> preference for format 2).
> Please reply to the lists with any preference you have for the format of 
> the outlines, or suggested improvements, by 2/March.
> Regards, Andrew
> [1]

Received on Thursday, 25 February 2010 13:31:11 UTC