RE: Agenda: W3C Process CG Telecon 22 March 2023

I will be there if I can. My son has a doctor's appointment, so I will probably have to miss this (again - sorry!)

Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Principal

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Dial-in: NOTE WE ARE USING ZOOM NOW;!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWqCYMYwT$

This meeting is at 7am Los Angeles, Wednesday 22 March 2023.

=== Documentation Review ===

Disposition of Comments;!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWglxH87Y$

=== Pull Requests to Review ===

Council Report Confidentiality

PR:;!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWmOagixe$  ?

Ratification of TAG appointments


"The W3C Council" vs "A W3C Council"

PR:;!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWmfy8MBO$  ?

=== Other Open Issues ===

Precedence of Membership Agreement vs Process vs Patent Policy

Status: Still no response from PSIG; unless we get one soon, it will get deferred from P2023.

=== Documentation Preparation ===

We currently have:
- Draft Process;!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWhNaVGvD$

- Changes List*changes__;Iw!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWloFF0Zm$

- Disposition of Comments;!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWglxH87Y$

- Draft Council Guide;!!N11eV2iwtfs!r9ug1Kj5PILyoyrybYftlCAZzgHZy_OCYe8YEOtH_zzsIMBYDXxcyAqPQ2Ok-RrSEuIWU3PFTO25ZuRIrbzvWqWa9HUD$

* What else do we need to prepare before sending to the AC for review?
* What else do we need to prepare before deploying P2023 once it passes AC review?


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