Re: DRAFT Agenda (Homework needed!!) for the Process Call 12 May 2021 7am Pacific Time

> On May 12, 2021, at 6:44, David Singer <> wrote:
> Yes, the timing of the re-org is tricky. Once it’s done, we’re undiffable.

My intention is to land the re-org as the last thing, and to produce two diffs: one of everything up to and excluding the reorg, and one before/after of the reorg (noting that as a diff, it's probably going to be unreadable, but at least it's isolated).

If we land the reorg, and then notice we still want to make a substantial change or two, with some amount of git wrangling I can rebase things and make it so that the re-org remains the last thing. I'd rather not do this too many times though.


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