Ramping up for Process 2021


We are late in the cycle now; normally we review the Process in the fall meeting, for ballot and adoption early in the year. We’re late (for good reason) on P2020. But we hope to stay on schedule for Process2021.

That means we are limited in what we’ll achieve.

We intend to do Registries; we didn’t quite make it in 2020.

We can do other urgent work, easy bug fixes, editorials, and so on.

We have milestones for each revision. The way we use them:
* assigned to the 2020 or 2021 Milestone, we intend/hope/expect to address them in that process revision
* assigned to the ‘Deferred’ Milestone, we have triaged this and explicitly have not put it in a specific year (yet)
* unassigned, we have not triaged into a year or explicitly deferred (yet)

So, I am asking you to look at whether the milestone 2021 is correct, in your opinion.

1. should we address the issues assigned to 2021, in 2021; are there any that we should not try to address in this list:


2. are there other issues that we should address in this short-cycle? Candidate include:

2a. issues currently explicitly deferred:


2b. There may be issues that are related to Director-free operation that can be done before we decide on and adopt our approach to becoming Director-free:


2c. There may be new issues that are not yet assigned to a milestone (none as I write this):


* * * * 

For myself, I would like to address the following in 2021:


and this one in Process 2020, as it’s editorial:


David Singer
Manager, Software Standards, Apple Inc.

Received on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 17:29:30 UTC