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> On May 21, 2019, at 10:36, Michael Champion <> wrote:
> So, the CG would work on registries and evergreen for Process 2020, and the AB would do preliminary work on the Role of the Director for some future process?  That sounds reasonable.  I can wait for August to discuss in the CG ... although since it's public I expect the GitHub issues to get discussion.   

I don't think we need to wait for anything. The fact that this is ongoing has been announced at the AC meeting in Quebec, including the fact that we'd bring that draft to the process CG ASAP, which I have now done, even if a bit later than I thought.

I expect open issues to get discussion, I expect new issues to be opened, and I expect the AB to participate in all that as part of the Process CG. In addition, as Jeff said, we have some time set aside during the next AB F2F to make further progress on this. I don't think we'll be done by the end of the next AB F2F, but should be well along.

> And yes, I means "defer" to mean we don't need to finalize until Process 2021, not that all discussion should be deferred.

As this it is all in a separate branch, we're not particularly tied to the 2020 or 2021 or any cycle. This is listed as one of the 2019 AB priorities (as a subitem of the Legal Entity project), so we should make this steady progress on it. When we'll actually land it is a separate question, that depends on when the Director steps down, which isn't expected to happen for a while. But that shouldn't prevent us from getting ready.


PS: as a side note, while I've presented the result as a single document, I've build it with multiple sub-topic branches with minimal interdependencies, so that if we actually want to land some part of this earlier than the rest (just as an example, how TAG appointments work), we don't have to, but we can.

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