Re: DRAFT agenda for the regular Process Call Wednesday 12th June 7am PDT

> On Jun 25, 2019, at 7:29, David Singer <> wrote:
> 2) We need to make progress on Registries. Please review the Wiki text at
> < <>>
> and its supporting issue
> < <>>
> I would like consensus to take this 
>   a) into Process-text drafting

Based on this (as well as the similar, Elika and I (mostly Elika) have drafted possible Process-text to implement registries, using today's process as the starting point.

The changes largely fall into two categories:
* Defining what a registry, and a change to a registry, are. This is agnostic to the existing REC Track vs evergreen vs any other track we may eventually design.
* minimal tweaks to the REC track to allow for registry updates without triggering transition calls or other overhead-heavy process

You can preview the document with the changes incorporated here:

Or in diff form here:

The changes are in:
* 6.2.5 on classes of changes
* 6.3 which defines registries
* 6.5.1 for no-overhead revisions to a CR for registry updates
* 6.6 for allowing PR without implementation of all entries in a registry
* for allowing  no-overhead revisions to a REC for registry updates

We hope that concrete text will make discussion during the call easier.


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