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Le 14 févr. 2019 à 01:28, Florian Rivoal <> a écrit :
> Does anyone want to defend the use of Labels for this kind of triaging?

My two cents on using milestones and labels.
On the project [1], we are using GitHub as a backend [2] and indeed labels and milestones for categorising.

Here a way to think about it:

* labels == class values in HTML
  You can assign multiple labels to an issue. 

* milestone == id value in HTML.
  You can assign only ONE milestone to an issue. An issue can only be in one milestone at a time.

On, we assign a milestone for the phase the issue is in, it moves from 

1. needstriage 
2. needsdiagnosis
3. needscontact
4. contactready
5. sitewait

then a list of "closed" status milestones like duplicate, fixed, etc.
The issue can only be in one stage at a time.
The labels on the other hand are things like browser-* type-* etc.

Hope it helps. 


Karl Dubost 🐄

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