RE: Label, project, or milestone

+1 to milestones for triaging into target versions e.g. process2019, process2020 etc. They're the right tool for the job, IMO.

Labels are still useful for categorising as editorial/substantive/pr open/[whatever] though.


From: Florian Rivoal []
Sent: 13 February 2019 16:28
To: W3C Process CG
Subject: Label, project, or milestone

During the call today, I proposed using Github Projects instead of Github Labels to triage bugs into things we want to address during Process 2020 vs things we've agreed to defer to Process 2021. Chris (and a few others I think) suggested that maybe we should use Github Milestones instead.

I hadn't used them before, so I was a bit caught off guard, but having though about it, that makes sense to me.

Does anyone want to defend the use of Labels for this kind of triaging?


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