Re: URGENT Scheduling the calls! Please respond!!

That time is an ongoing long-term serious conflict for me during about  
half the european summer time, at each end. Apart from Thursdays where I  
reserve it for the AB meeting twice a month already, and can probably  
extend that, Tuesday is the most likely day to have it free (with a  
probability of perhaps 1 in 4).



On Thu, 28 Jun 2018 01:13:56 +0200, David Singer <> wrote:

> Folks, we have people from
> * US Left, I mean, West coast
> * US East coast
> * European time
> * UK/London time (are they europeans?)
> * Japan/Tokyo time
> Did I miss anyone?
> Inspection of  
> <>  
> and avoiding that anyone has to do the dreaded midnight-7am call times,  
> which are unsustainable as a repetition, reveals only one possible set  
> of times:
> UTC 14:00 which is
>   * 7am US West coast
>   * 10am US East coast
>   * 4pm European time
>   * 3pm UK/London time (are they europeans?)
>   * 11pm Japan/Tokyo time
> So, I now need to know something very simple: we do the call once a  
> month, so tell me
> A   which days of the week could you do that call-time (I don’t need  
> Saturday or Sunday)?
> B   which weeks of the month would be excluded, or tell me any variant  
> by week-of-month?
> for me, and others, I know Thursday morning 7am is out as that’s the AB  
> call time, and that moves around enough by week of month that I suggest  
> we avoid it.
> Wednesday would be OK if I can finish prompt at 8am, I mean, really  
> prompt.
> so my answers are:
> A OK on Mon Tues Fri;  Wed possible but unpreferred
> B no variation by week of month
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> Manager, Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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