How we compile agendas for process CG calls


Today was my first time joining the process CG call, and while that makes me a bit of a confused noob, it also gives me the chance to bring some fresh perspective.

Going through the entire list of open Process2019Candidate issues did not seem to be very efficient to me. For many issues, we ended up saying that no work had happened yet, or that we were waiting for someone's input, or that this should instead be discussed at the AB...

This takes a lot of time, and leaves relatively little for discussion the issues where we can actually do a deep dive.

Relatedly, when preparing for the call, the list of issues included in the agenda (via the various links) was very long, which meant that although I did prepare and reviewed the issues, I could only do so superficially for the vast majority of them.

As an alternative approach, I suggest that we create an "Agenda+" label that participants in the CG can add to any issue they would like to discuss in the next call, and that gets removed once we have actually discussed it (and can be re-added as soon as further time on the call is desired).

If some of the Agenda+ topics are Process2019Candidate and some are not, we should probably discuss those that are first, and those that are not only if time allows.

And if we're not Agenda+ing enough Process2019Candidate topics (or not enough topics at all), as the chair, dsinger should absolutely be calling out the cg's members (and particularly AB members) and bugging us to make sure we do work. But mostly this can happen outside the call.

I think this would allow for more efficient use of meeting time and of prep time, which hopefully translates into faster progress on the process itself.


Received on Wednesday, 11 July 2018 15:26:26 UTC