Re: URGENT Scheduling the calls! Please respond!!


Mike: Tues + Fri OK, Mon/Wed possible
Natasha: Fri best, weds OK
Florian: Weds best not first wed of month; any day OK
Wendy: tues, wed, fri
jeff: any OK, avoid Friday ‘weekend’ in asia
Leonie: tues, wed, or Friday
Tzviya: any day, maybe wed?
chaals: time is impossible, maybe tues

wed and friday are 5 OK plus 2 possibles.  Jeff suggests avoiding the Friday as it’s already weekend in Asia.

We go with Wed 7am not the first wed of the month. The call will have to be one hour as I have to get to work on Wednesdays for my boss’ staff.

First wed of this month is this week, so I suggest we meet on the 11th July, 7am Pacific. I’ll be in Rome at SA4, which should be fine.

Wendy, can we have a webex setup for at least next wednesday, and maybe a repeating 2nd wed of the month?

Sorry Chaals.

> On Jun 28, 2018, at 1:13 , David Singer <> wrote:
> Folks, we have people from
> * US Left, I mean, West coast
> * US East coast
> * European time
> * UK/London time (are they europeans?)
> * Japan/Tokyo time
> Did I miss anyone?
> Inspection of <> and avoiding that anyone has to do the dreaded midnight-7am call times, which are unsustainable as a repetition, reveals only one possible set of times:
> UTC 14:00 which is 
>  * 7am US West coast
>  * 10am US East coast
>  * 4pm European time
>  * 3pm UK/London time (are they europeans?)
>  * 11pm Japan/Tokyo time
> So, I now need to know something very simple: we do the call once a month, so tell me
> A   which days of the week could you do that call-time (I don’t need Saturday or Sunday)?
> B   which weeks of the month would be excluded, or tell me any variant by week-of-month?
> for me, and others, I know Thursday morning 7am is out as that’s the AB call time, and that moves around enough by week of month that I suggest we avoid it.
> Wednesday would be OK if I can finish prompt at 8am, I mean, really prompt.
> so my answers are:
> A OK on Mon Tues Fri;  Wed possible but unpreferred
> B no variation by week of month
> David Singer
> Manager, Software Standards, Apple Inc.

David Singer
Manager, Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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