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Minutes of 13 June Process Document TF Telcon

From: Stephen Zilles <steve@zilles.org>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 10:25:18 -0700
To: <public-w3process@w3.org>
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Present: David Singer, Mike Champion, Steve Zilles 

Regrets: Jeff Jaffe, Charles McCathie Nevile

Scribe: Steve Zilles, Chair: Steve Zilles

[08:07]   SteveZ: why regrets Chaals?

[08:08] * Dsinger_ callin user 3, who are you?

[08:15] * Dsinger_ someone just joined?

[08:19]   Agenda:  

1. A new method to vote for AB and TAG Members  


2. A consideration of whether to include a notion of an Obsolete spec (not
to be confused with a rescinded spec) 



3. Cleaning up the handling of the Appeals Process in the existing

Process Document 


Note that item 11 in this message should also be labelled with Issue 167 and
that these changes address some of the issues that were raised in the e-mail
discussion of item 2 above. 

4. The existing CG discussion about Member organizations. 


5. Supergroups  https://www.w3.org/wiki/AB/2016_Priorities#Supergroups

[08:21] * chaals has a conflict with a Web Platform Chairs' meeting

[08:21]   Item 1 on Voting 

[08:21]   One question on voting is appealability of STV Tabulation system

[08:23]   Dsinger: I think the voting text is OK as is

[08:24]   Mike: I agree the voting text is OK; there is no reason to make a
statement about appeals

[08:25]   Consensus: Voting text is ready for inclusion in Process2016 draft

[08:25] <Dsinger_> We can deal with the appeal question, if needed, when we
discuss appeals

[08:26] <Dsinger_> Agreed, we are done on that too

[08:26]   Item 2: Text for Obsoleting a REC

[08:26]   Dsinger: we should just ask Chaals to integrate the most recent

[08:27]   Consensus: integrate text for Obsoleting a REC

[08:30]   Item 3: Appeals

[08:30]   The issue on appeals is: should all Director's Decisions be

[08:31]   Dsinger: There is a difference between Director's Decisions
identified in the Process and operational decisions taken by the Director
and/or Team.

[08:32]   Mike: I am OK with such a proposal, but believe that appeals are
just a way to prolong a process whose result is already clear

[08:35]   Mike: Simplifying the process with a statement that all Director's
Decisions are appealable is OK with me

[08:35] <chaals> [+1 to Wayne's proposal, for the reasons he outlined - that
believable appeals processes saves us using them, or having extended
discussion we don't need]

[08:36]   SteveZ: I agree with the simplification as long as all the
Director's Decisions (which would be appealable) are identified in the
Process Document

[08:36]   SteveZ: I will send a list of what I think those are to the CG
mailing list

[08:37]   Dsinger: please include the decision to extend a WG charter

[08:40]   Item 4 Member Organizations

[08:40]   Consensus: Integrate the text for Member Organization in
Process2106 Draft

[08:41]   Item 5: Supergroups

[08:43] <chaals> [My apologies to Dave, I had hoped to have at least talked
to him about this before now]

[08:45]   Dsinger: the PSIG meets next Monday and the AB meets after that
and we should have text that we can that we can include

[08:45] * Dsinger_ no probs chaals

[08:45]   Dsinger: Please put out a calendar for next steps for Process2016

[08:47]   Mike: Formally, the AB owns updating the Process and the roles of
this CG and the PSIG are advisory

[08:50] * Dsinger_ needs to drop off.

[08:51] * Dsinger_ are we done?

[08:54]   SteveZ: The normal procedure for Process2016 is produce an
intergrated draft for to the AC for comments (ideally by July); process
those comments and produce a draft for an AC Review that would be open
across the AC Meeting at TPAC

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