Re: Requested addition to section 7.1

> On Dec 19, 2016, at 23:59, Jeff Jaffe <> wrote:
> I think we were trying to say, "if you want to incubate in WICG, you can".

In conclusion, W3M did the right thing, was following the letter and spirit of the process when amending the charter on a known-to-be-controversial point without announcing a rationale nor requesting feedback, based on a request not previously discussed in the group and without addressing the comment opposing this change; I am just being childish for being upset at process deadlock and ruffled feathers. Since everything is as expected, going forward, I should probably expect more of the same, grow a thicker skin, and not count on the process for providing an appeased framework for discussion.

I see, thanks for the explanation.

— Florian

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