Re: Requested addition to section 7.1

On 19/12/2016 07:29, Michael Champion wrote:

> Thanks for clarifying.  It will be interesting to see how other members feel about the question.  But there’s a lot of details in the process document that would need to be changed to implement the “AB as Supreme Court of the Process” even assuming it gets broad support of the membership. It will be good to get the document in GitHub so we can have a more efficient discussion of change proposals!

Please acknowledge the fact my opinion has never changed: I have always
said I want the TAG to be the technical Supreme Court and the AB the
process Supreme Court, both with veto rights.
An excellent way, IMHO, to palliate the absence of the Director. And a
way to officialize what really happens: a process change will never
happen today if AB is against it and the TAG is in effect our technical
Supreme Court.


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