Re: Non-substantive CR and Director's decision

On Thu, 12 Nov 2015 15:16:56 +0100, Philippe Le Hegaret <> wrote:

> The Process indicates the following:
> [[
> If there are any substantive changes made to a Candidate Recommendation  
> other than to remove features explicitly identified as "at risk", the  
> Working Group must obtain the Director's approval to publish a revision  
> of a Candidate Recommendation. This is because substantive changes will  
> generally require a new Exclusion Opportunity per section 4 of the W3C  
> Patent Policy [PUB33]. Note that approval is expected to be fairly  
> simple compared to getting approval for a transition from Working Draft  
> to Candidate Recommendation.
> ]]
> My understanding is that the W3C Process allows the publication of a  
> revised candidate recommendation *without* Director's approval if there  
> are *no substantive changes*. It would also mean that no call for  
> exclusions are issued as well.
> Is that a correct understanding?

That matches my understanding. For example, editorial clarification to  
make a document easier to understand, which does not change conformance of  
implementations, should be able to be republished. Ditto a new version  
with at-risk features removed.

In addition, my expectation is that small obvious substantive changes in
response to issues raised and discussed should be approved without a huge
amount of work...


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