Agenda Process Document Task Force on Webex Monday, 9 November 2015

The call is on Monday, 9 November, 2015 at  16:00-17:00 UTC<>
(Note this is Columbus Day in the United States)
Webex Information (Note change of Telcon site)

Dial-in: +1-617-324-0000

Webex does not allow meeting codes to be publicly posted, see the "The Process" previously distributed.

Meeting password: process

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This meeting is now monthly, has moved to Monday and is held one hour later than before

For residents of other (typical) time zones the start times were:
Pacific:  8:00
Eastern US: 11:00
Central Europe: 17:00
Japan: 01:00

The purpose of these meetings has been to agree on the resolution of open issues, close them where possible or assign actions to move toward closure.


1.      Review Open Action Items

2.      Prioritize near term work based on

3.      Issue-163 Update of Members that are Consortia themselves

4.      Discuss Issues and Proposals for "Appeals" Issues
Toward the end of the process of creating Process 2015, a number of issues related to "appeals" in the W3C process surfaced. At that time, there seemed to be too little time to appropriately address the issues with the care the seem to be needed. Now that Process 2015 is in Review, it is time to start on revisions for Process 2016 and the "appeals" issues seem like a good place to start. The issues:

and the proposal:

Note: there have been zero comments on the text of the proposal. Does this mean it is OK as is?

5.      Replacement figures for sections 6.1.1 and 6.7

6.      Possible Issues related to Chartering Working Groups

7.      Choose next set of topics to pursue

8.      Review other Open and Raised Issues

9.      Any Other Business

Steve Zilles
Chair, Process Document Task Force

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