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On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 2:40 PM, Coralie Mercier <> wrote:
> Thanks for the comments!
> I'll look to see how this can be improved.

Thanks. FWIW, I'm apparently able to /somehow/ reach [1], and then
load a page like the html join [2].

> Only AC Representative, selected Invited Experts and Staff Contacts can use this form to join or leave a group ; since you're not logged as any of those, you won't be allowed to submit this form. Additional instructions for joining this group [3] are available.

I'm not sure why there's a space before `;`.
"since you're not logged [] as any of those" is missing something (and
generally awkward)

> I, ..., as W3C Invited Expert,
> [ ] have reviewed the HTML Working Group charter
> [ ] have reviewed the W3C Patent Policy, in particular the section on licensing obligations for Working Group Participants (section 3.1)

only this one ends in a period:
> [ ] agree to all of the provisions of the W3C Patent Policy, including the commitment to comply with the W3C RF licensing requirements.
> [ ] have reviewed the Process Document on individual participant qualifications ( section 3.1), Invited Expert participation in a Working Group (section and good standing (section
> [ ] agree to the participation conditions described in the Working Group charter

Loading additional instructions [3] yields a page which has three
sections but no outline to link to the other sections.

If you work for or represent a W3C Member organization
If you are the Advisory Committee Representative of the W3C Member
If you are not the Advisory Committee Representative for your organization
If you do not work for a W3C Member organization

If my account isn't in a Member organization, it'd be nice if the page
favored the IE section...


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