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RE: Can we discuss ISSUE-137 (rationalise heartbeats) please

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Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 16:35:53 +0000
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> I propose we remove section 6.2.7 Working Group "Heartbeat" Requirement.

DL;DR - fix it don't kill it

In my mind this is tied up with the "graveyard of /TR" issue (there's probably a politically correct name/number I forget).  The high order bit for me is to ensure that what is in /TR reflects the WG's current state of consensus about what is being worked on in editors drafts.  Publishing a shapshot of the editor's draft every n months doesn't help anyone, but motivating chairs to regularly assess stability, consensus, implementation, etc. status and ensure that reality is reflected in the /TR version of a spec should address some of the real issues that have come up in the Living Standards perma-debate.

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Subject: Can we discuss ISSUE-137 (rationalise heartbeats) please


I think ISSUE-137 is very low hanging fruit. Can we open it and put it on the next agenda please?

TL;DR: I propose we remove section 6.2.7 Working Group "Heartbeat" Requirement.

As written it requires groups to publish *something* every 3 months. Given that most groups make editors' drafts publicly available, and work on a public mailing list, the requirement to prove they are still doing something is redundant.

In addition the mechanism is redundant, since the current process includes, in chapter 7, a requirement that groups SHOULD publish new Working Drafts when there has been a significant change - or every six months where that hasn't happened.

The most significant change in practice would be making the Process about 1.5% shorter (based on the current draft).



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