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On Wed, 19 Feb 2014 18:12:46 +0100, Daniel Glazman  
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> On 18/02/2014 18:53, Charles McCathie Nevile wrote:
>> Hi folks, there is a new chapter 7 draft dated 18 February -
> Should section 7.3.1 mention that a FPWD must be in the Charter(s)
> of the Group(s) willing to publish that FPWD? The current requirements
> expressed by 7.3.1 seem to me unclear on that front.

I don't think so - that is covered by the sections on Working Groups  
(chapter 3) and how they get chartered (chapter 5). This assumes that  
people are not doing things outside their scope.

A related issue is the transition from CG/BG/IG to WG, most of which  
hasn't been looked at because the Task Force was asked to focus on chapter  
7 and get it done before looking further.

But I would encourage you to raise an issue on the process document (as  
opposed to ch7) so the question doesn't get lost...



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