Re: What to slash Re: Proc Doc: time to Slash and Burn, Divide and Conquer, or what?

On 5/23/13 11:04 AM, ext Karl Dubost wrote:
> I was wondering what would be the best strategy for a new process document. Is it to "cut and distribute" in a way which makes the document still logical

I think this would make sense for a "PD 2013" Edition. What is now the 
PD (possibly renamed to just "TR Process") is minimalistic and includes 
links to the information that was moved out of the old PD.

As contributions address gaps like value proposition and others topics 
you suggested, they too can be referenced when it make sense.

But basically, get agreement on what to remove and move, decide on where 
to "host" the material we want to move, assign volunteers to do the move 
and then just do it.

(It's too bad we didn't do this before the AB elections started since it 
would have given all of the nominees an opportunity to "show their stuff".)


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