Please raise issues

Hi all,

There has already been good input.
Please let's not have this get lost in the discussion.

I would therefore ask, when you have an issue with W3C process, that you enter it in the issue tracker we have [1].

I have created a few products to help group issues.
(Feel free to change, suggest, add more.)

It might helpful to use some sort of a structure for these issue because I think we will have a variety of very different issues that will need sorting for easier processing.

I would suggest the following format for issues, in order to make them uniform:

 Select the correct product for your issue

Problem description
 What is the problem you are identifying?
 Example:  IPR protection comes too late in the process

Effect description
 This is the part where you explain /*why*/ we have a problem.
 How does it show itself?
 Example:  It prevents early implementations by some companies who are worried about their IPR.

 Give us your proposal on how to solve the problem
 Offering IPR protection at an earlier state, for example at ....
Potential dependencies
 Need to check with legal



Received on Friday, 18 November 2011 10:21:21 UTC