Re: End-of-lifing dead documents in /TR/

Le 16 nov. 2011 à 15:22, Robin Berjon a écrit :
> Applying my Karl decoder ring I get "We could use JavaScript to detect that the publication date is n days in the past for a status that isn't Rec or something similar, and based on that change the style." Correct?

:) you are hired! ;)

> I'm all for that but I don't think we have that metadata available at this point.

we do with tr.rdf

Now on an important issue

Le 16 nov. 2011 à 15:33, fantasai a écrit :
> I'd also say that relying on JavaScript for important information
> is probably not the best idea ever. If it's important, it should
> be in the document's content.

Same issue if we were going to use CSS. 
I see only two accessible ways of doing it.

1. Changing the content of the document itself
2. Applying an HTTP redirection on a URI request to a specific page explaining the status for this URI (to avoid touching what is "printed" in TR/ space)

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