RE: Patent Protections at CR

It isn't just to have something for lawyers to review.  Some companies may not want licensing commitments for their intellectual property that doesn't actually make it into the spec.  Candidate Rec could lead to features being thrown out.  I think for at least some companies they'd want to know it is a real, implementable spec that they're donating to.

There also would be less reason to ever complete the spec --  the licensing is already in place.  So it would make a Candidate Rec with no test suite and no demonstration that it can be interoperably implemented a new type of "final spec".

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>> This might need some mangling of the CR process to give the lawyers
>> adequate time for review, but we should figure out what those
>> requirements are and build those into the CR process instead of
>> delaying protections until the test suite and implementation reports are done.
>Is this not something that we can simply take to the PSIG for advice?
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