RE: Getting the ball rolling on a better W3C process

> From: ext Dominique Hazael-Massieux []

> I think our first goal should be to refine what topics we want to work
> on, what outcome we expect from the group; 

Yes, some initial work on the general problem statement makes sense.

> I think it's fairly clear
> that the Advisory Board would be the ultimate recipient of our input,
> but whether that input is a list of issues, and/or a list of solutions
> is not yet entirely clear to me (at least).

This implementation detail seems secondary to me.

> We should also try to identify which issues need fixing (because they
> prevent groups to work adequately) vs would-be-nice-to-fix (to better
> reflect how groups currently work); another axis of analysis should be
> which can be fixed quickly (for some definition of quickly) and which
> are longer-terms changes.

Agree that enumerating the issues is the next step and then later do some prioritization.

(Can you take the first step on this Dom e.g. create a wiki for the issues?)


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