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Web birthday; TBL at WWW2018; TAG election; Digital Publishing Summit; WebRTC; WOFF 2.0 Amy van der Hiel (Tuesday, 20 March)

Text Layout for Arabic Script; TimBL at WWW2018; Accessibility; Jeff Jaffe at mEnabling Summit; 10p Web coins; WebRTC; HTML5 apps; WebAssembly; Amy van der Hiel (Monday, 5 March)

Web Payments; Happy birthday XML; WCAG2.1; Generic Sensor API; John Perry Barlow; Web Assembly; DIDs; HTML; WebRTC; WoT Amy van der Hiel (Monday, 19 February)

CSS Container Queries; Payment Request API; Invited Experts; WAI; Mary Lee Berners-Lee; Keyboard Lock API; WebVR; Web Security Amy van der Hiel (Monday, 5 February)

Web Payments; HTML5 and CSS W3Cx; AR and Geospatial; ActivityPub; Web Security IG; Net Neutrality; HTTPS; WebVR; HTML5; Accessibility; AMP U Amy van der Hiel (Monday, 22 January)

Payments on the Web; Open Standards; AR, Web and Geospatial Tech; Mobile Web Apps; how we can fix the Internet; Tooling for Web Data; WebRTC; HTML 5.2 Amy van der Hiel (Monday, 8 January)

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