Re: sinkholes schema

Thank you all for replies

Jim, placing sinkhole under Landform could be OK, but could we have it as
have more than one supercategory? (not sure if schema is linear or can be a
lattice of sorts)

Richard, Thanks a lot, gave the LONG docs a quick read, but they are LONG,
where the portion how to submit a new schema :-) lol - no time for
literature today :-)  I gather I must post this list with a proposal for a
new schema? shall do asap, after gathering inputs  .
Yes ! it would be a good use case for SCHEMA,org application, Having schema
data can facilitated the automation of maching data gathering, mapping,
monitoring etc. I ll work on a paper perhaps

Marc - as you suggested I agree a sinkhole may trigger an emergency, and/or
a medical emergency, but I ll take your advice not to fix it there

Simon and Thad, agreed that sinkhole is a topographical feature (sameas
landform?), its formation is an event, and it can trigger an emergency

anyone interested to work on the schema side of the project, feel free to
(or ping me to receive an invite)

I think having some tags in there would facilitate greatly the automation
of  rss to map if we figure it out correctly


On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 7:42 PM, Thad Guidry <> wrote:

> Paola,
> I think you can just treat the SInkhole Event as having a potential Action
> of "Emergency" with various agents having tasks and allocating resources.
> For instance, work crews having to fence around the sinkhole to prevent
> someone from falling, having a City send a notice to all area residents,
> etc.
> For this I think you could use (and
> other parts of the Action schema) to try to fit all the pieces in place.
>  (We may not have ALL the necessary pieces depending on how much your
> trying to express)
> Markus Lanthaler might have a few other ideas for you, where I think
> others have done a demo or two in Hydra around Emergency Planning and
> resource allocations during humanitarian events.
> Thad
> +ThadGuidry <>

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