Re: Healthcare Schema Vocabulary CG Meeting, 11th Dec

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your comments. 
Well, I agree that focusing our TCons on *general and driving ideas and 
keep the code/model review/discussion on GitHub comments/discussions* may 
allow some of participants to contribute more, but this has to be first 
raised somewhere as discussion point. There are several ways to raise a 
topic here:
1-The first one is to raise it as an issue on GitHub(recommended).
2-The second is directly to make and submit editions on dedicated page of 
the community group wiki:
3-The last one is to raise the topic on community group mailing list ``` 
``` or at maili list. ```  ``` 

Remember that the ScheMed CG is an interest & Business group. So we share 
the common interests and the main one from the beginning is to improve and 
maintain the extension.
This doesn't prevent to have additional points on the agenda based on 
*participants requests*.

So feel free to send in your expectations/suggestions.

Here we will avoid to create *yet another* group overlapping with existing 
groups but that can be discussed.
About the coming agenda, yes I will add the topic at the beginning of the 

Kind Regards,

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Date:   10/12/2015 00:37
Subject:        Re: Healthcare Schema Vocabulary CG Meeting, 11th Dec

Hi Marc,
Thanks for invitation.
As I told you I will not be able to participate as well, sorry.
However I have a main concern about the approach of TCon, and I would
like to suggest something.
It's very hard for some of us to contribute to the code review/model
review based on GitHub.
It would help to use TCons to discuss general and driving ideas  and
keep the code/model review/discussion on GitHub comments/discussions.
On this basis everyone can feel comfortable to suggest/comment or push
his/her expectations and contribute (if he/she can) to the GIt Hub
We are not at the same level to discuss codings and we are sure we
have suitable people in the ScheMed Community Group to translate our
discussions (with concensus) into codes with a strong help from team.

May I suggest to change the coming agenda by replacing all points with
a single point: Collect what each members/participants expect from the
ScheMed Community Group/
This point is enough and and then we will discuss code review through
github channel.

My last suggestion is to have the current version of
proposal at least published officially by (and keep
improvment coming). Remember that the current proposal includes only
the already existing vocab in before our Community group
So publishing it would not have any problem (is already published in
core with its known weaknesses).

Sorry if am too direct but I had to, for sake of our community group 

Wishing you all guys fruitful discussions.


On 9 December 2015 at 17:36, Michael Miller
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> hi all,
> regrets, will be traveling
> cheers,
> michael
> Michael Miller
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> Institute for Systems Biology
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> To: Jim Marks; David Portnoy;; w3c semweb HCLS; 
W3C Web Schemas Task Force
> Subject: Healthcare Schema Vocabulary CG Meeting, 11th Dec
> Dear all,
> We are pleased to invite you again for the next meeting for our 
 "Healthcare Schema Vocabulary" community group.
> It will be held on: Friday , December 11, 2015 at 4.00pm GMT (8.00am 
Stanford Time  | 11.00am Boston Time  | 4.00pm London Time | 5.00pm 
Brussels Time).
> Check here the time at your location: ScheMed CG | Meeting Time at your 
> * Conference details :

> Meeting number: 951 905 704
> Meeting password: schemed
> Please join the IRC channel on . Tape there your name and the 
channel is schemed.
> +32 2894 8317 Belgium toll
> 0800-77651 Belgium toll free
> 0800-051-3810 Call-in toll-free number (UK)
> +44-203-478-5289 Call-in toll number (UK)
> +1 631 267 4890 USA/Canada toll
> Access code:  951 905 704
> Global call-in numbers:

> * Meeting agenda :,_2015_Conference_agenda

> Important note: Please read this agenda and related materials in deep 
before the meeting this will  speed up the meeting. Feedback to me for any 
other point
> Thanks, and looking forward meeting you all on next Friday.
> Marc Twagirumukiza
> [Apologies for any duplication due to cross-posting].

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