Re: How do you flag a resource which is not available anymore?

Hi Bernard,

You'd think they'd at least have the decency to set up HTTP 410 (gone) 
responses. Ah well.

The POWDER validUntil property may or may not have the semantics you 
want [1]. No domain and range are defined for it.




On 30/05/2014 10:09, Bernard Vatant wrote:
> Hi vocabulers
> We have more and more records in LOV of which URIs are 404, unfortunately,
> with no replacing resource whatsoever.
> See e.g., etc
> We want to keep the record in LOV, along with backup versions, such as
> We want to flag the URI some way, such as some "offlineSince" or
> "validUntil" property, with value a xsd:date. This property would be added
> to the VOAF vocabulary, unless someone knows about an existing property to
> express that. There are various "valid" properties in DC terms and other
> vocabularies, but not sure they capture the expected semantics.
> Thanks for any suggestion.


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