Re: offeredBy to supersede vendor, merchant, provider, seller, …?

On 5/29/14 2:06 PM, Charles McCathie Nevile wrote:
> Trying to clean little corners where dust collects:
> We currently have
> all of which point to the entity who agrees, or may agree, to give 
> something to or do something for you. (Roughly. It could be to someone 
> else…, or for some third party, or…)
> Working backwards from "provider", which can describe e.g. the issuer 
> of a airplane ticket, we were concerned that it is easy to confuse it 
> with the use of "serviceOperator" - the entity that does the actual 
> work involved in the deal, such as the airline who flies the plane in 
> the ticket example. (Actually In "Flight" this is currently called 
> "carrier", but we propose to change that and align it with 
> "GovernmentService").
> It seems to make more sense to use something like "offeredBy" - 
> although we cannot make ambiguity impossible, this seems to reduce the 
> risk to a better level.
> Having got to that point, it seemed to make sense to supersede all 
> four of the above properties with offeredBy. It isn't clear that there 
> is enough difference between them to justify keeping 4 different terms.
> Before storming into the site and imposing such a decision, 
> are there reasons why this is a bad idea, and we should retain the 
> current setup?
> Or do people think we should have done this last week already?
> Could we use a chain of "offeredBy" relationships instead of having a 
> bookingAgent for a reservation?
> E.g. My flight serviceProvider is Lufthansa, the Flight is offeredBy 
> ANA who sold the ticket, but the ticket itself was offeredBy 
> CheapFlightsLimited to me as a consumer…
> cheers
> Chaals
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