Proposal: add properties for place accessibility

I am currently a PhD student focus on the research of using open data and linked data to enhance accessibility. During my currently research, I would not find any accessibility related properties for places in (as well as dbpedia ontologies). Although there is some accessibility properties for web content (accessibilityAPI, accessibilityControl, accessibilityFeature, accessibilityHazard), there is no metadata to describe the places accessibility, therefore, is it possible to propose a list of properties for place accessibility metadata. A simple example would be as follows:
property                              type                      expected value
isWheelchairAccessible               text yes|limited|no|none
isMobilityImprAccessib          text yes|limited|no|none
isVisualImpairmentAccessible     text yes|limited|no|none
isHearImparimentAccessible       text yes|limited|no|none

or we could extend the current accessibility vocabularies for CreativeWork to places accessibility:

properties type Expected Value

placeAccessibilityFeature text seatAvailable, disabilityAwareness, homeService


mobilityImpairAccessibilityFeature         text mainEntranceAccess, levelChange,

accesiblePark, accessibleToliet, accessibleInterchange,

motorizedScooterAccess, mobilityImpairdWalker,


visualImpairAccessibilityFeature text assistanceDog, lightingLevel, largePrint, braille,

hearingImpairAccessibilityFeature text signLanguage, hearingSystem

Kind regards,
Chaohai Ding

PhD Student and  Research Fellow
Web and Internet Science Group (WAIS)
School of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton

Received on Sunday, 23 March 2014 22:34:35 UTC