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>> Thank you everyone for the tremendous amount of feedback.  Keep it coming.
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>> [Peter] What makes something a team sport?  Only teams compete in Nascar,
>> not
>> individuals, for example. Pairs tennis is competed by two players, which
>> might
>> be considered to be a team.  There are team competitions in tennis. Are
>> olympic sports contested by teams or by individuals?
>> [Peter] You have several olympic sports.  However, half of these are not
>> actually olympic sports according to Wikipedia.  Snowboarding is a
>> discipline
>> of skiing, swimming is a displine of aquatics, track isn't even a
>> discpline.
>> [Peter] What makes a sport professional?  Is that there are professional
>> competitions in it?  Then just about everything listed as olympic sports
>> are
>> professional, but the "(additive)" seems to indicate otherwise.
>> I assume you're referring to the section of our proposal where we list the
>> head sports we targeted.  If so, that organization was not a means of
>> dictating how to categorize those sports, it was merely an illustration of
>> mental model we used as we brainstormed an initial set of sports to
>> consider.
>> Would you recommend we put a comment in the proposal specifically
>> denoting this?
> I don't think that this would help at all.  These examples serve to set
> the stage for the rest of the proposal.  If you give Nascar (a sport
> performed by teams of athletes involving a driver and several pit crew) as
> an example of an individual sport, then readers will either be confused or
> think that you don't know what you are talking about.  If you give tennis
> as an individual sport then readers will have problems determining how to
> categorize doubles tennis.  If you give Snowboarding as an Olympic sport
> then those who realize that Snowboarding is instead an Olympic discipline
> either think that there is something tricky going on or think that you
> don't know what you are doing.  As so on.  You need instead to provide
> correct, and non-controversial examples.
Sports themselves are not individualized by nature. (you could have a 2
person baseball game, we all have done it in our backyards, although it's
not official rules)  It is the competitive Events that involve a Sport that
are sometimes awarded or a resultDecision is made toward an individual,
rather than a team, by following official rules and play.

My strong suggestion: The proposed schema should model the individualism at
an Event(s) level, and not at a Sport level, and discard the idea of
official rules and play when it concerns what or what is not considered
team sports or an individual sport.  Let individualism stand on it's own
accord and principles when you have an Event or resultDecision.

Mock sports happen, Potato Sack Races still occur, and 2 man baseball is
still alive. :)

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