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> * I think the “sport” property is too specific, and a more generic
> “discipline” would be more generally applicable.

Gregg, I don't see the term "discipline" in this sense at all. You could 
say that the specific skill of a particular sport is a discipline in the 
sense that it is a behavior that is learned through rigorous activity 
(the golfer's swing, the basketball player's jump shot, the gymnast's 
adherence to the code of points). But I wouldn't see the entire sport as 
a discipline, even though it may require some level of discipline in 
order to do it well. In particular, there is a wide range of discipline 
between sports and among those who play sports, so wrapping it in this 
term seems overly precise. Besides, most English-speaking people would 
normally call such things a "sport."


Also, the range should
> be to an Intangible “Discipline”, which might take instances from
> DBpedia, or some could be defined within <>.
> As always, it’s acceptable to use plain text here as with other
> <> properties expecting an entity.
> * I don’t think we’ve adequately looked at seasons; In my model, a
> Season is a subclass of event (probably CompetitionEvent or SportsEvent,
> which contains the individual competitions taking place during that
> season. It’s also useful for projecting player and coach references,
> which would be similar to those Roles having the same event start/end
> times, but better makes up a team roster for a given season. There are
> also other things that could be tagged to a Season, such as the name of
> the SportsTeam during this season, their venue and other things that may
> change over time.
> Gregg
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>> interests of consolidated feedback, I encourage everyone to simply use
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