Re: Review structure

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:13:34AM +0100, Alf Eaton wrote:
>I've been adding microdata markup to some reviews recently, as well as
>harvesting reviews from other sites, and have found that the current
>reviewBody and ratingValue properties are often too coarse-grained to
>properly describe the reviews.
>For example, this review of a restaurant has 3 separate aggregate rating
>values ("food", "decor" and "service"), but they're just marked as
>"ratingValue" with no way to distinguish between them using the microdata
>Another example is this review of a film, which has three rating values
>(not marked up as "reviewRating", in this case), each with its own section
>heading and review text:
>A third example is the peer reviews of this academic article, which contain
>structure within the review bodies - "Basic reporting", "Experimental
>design", and "Validity of the findings":
>I'd like to be able to extract all that information without having to do
>extra HTML parsing and analysis after reading the microdata.
>One solution I can think of would be to add a "reviewSection" property,
>having a "reviewSectionHeading",  "reviewBody" and "reviewRating", for each
>section of the review. There may well be a better solution, though…
>The AggregateRating class would probably need something similar (as in the
>Zagat example above).
>Does anyone know if this has been discussed anywhere previously, or whether
>there are analogous "section" properties in classes other than Review?

Hmm, interesting problem. If I was to constrain myself to existing properties, I would consider simply separating each review
into three separate Review entities, using the existing "name" property
instead of your proposed "reviewSectionHeading".

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