Re: v1.6 release candidate: Roles, various fixes, site navigation improvements

It seems to me that now consumers of information have to be 
prepared to accept roles everywhere, whereas before they could expect to see 
actual values (except for strings as things, of course).  Are there any limits 
as to where Roles can occur?  Can properties of Roles be role'd?

How should a consumer of information count up values?  Suppose I 
have Joe Montana as a direct athlete of the 49er as well as an athlete role 
with athlete Joe Montana?  Is that one or two members?  Suppose there are 
multiple athlete roles with Joe Montana.  How should these be counted?

Of lesser importance, the comments in the cited document are different from 
the comments in the pages.  The ones in the pages are 
much better.  (The document seems to preclude roles being used for 
intermittent situations and for things like CEOs.)


On 06/09/2014 01:39 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> There is a temporary review build of v1.6 for your consideration.
> The main improvement is the addition of a minimalistic Role mechanism,
> alongside other
> navigation and bug fixes.
> Draft release notes copied below. See also
> for background on the Role design.

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