Re: Inverse properties

On 06/07/2014 03:33 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> On 7 June 2014 23:23, Peter F. Patel-Schneider <> wrote:
>> The subPropertyOf is not there now, right?
>> I couldn't find it in which
>> currently reads
> Correct - the  various * versions of floating
> around here are all experimental works in progress. The current (v1.5)
> site has a prose-only notion of sub-properties.
>> This appears to be a significant change to, as Guha has said that
>> "[t]here is no organization of properties"
>> [].
> A sub-property structure was used in the Action-related vocabulary
> since last year,but yes this is the first time it has been integrated
> into the navigation structure of the site (or written out explicitly
> in triples). The idea with Actions was motivated in part from
> experience with the earlier Activity Streams format, and a desire to
> allow more customised terminology for different kinds of
> actions/activities.

So a property hierarchy has sort of been in since 10 August 2013.

>> Will it interact with domains and ranges in the way that I
>> suggested in
> Could you couch the question in the terms of a concrete example?

Is is possible for the expected type of object to be Person and the expected 
type of collection (a subproperty of action) to be Thing?

> cheers,
> Dan


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