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Re: What is schema.org? A technical briefing paper

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider <pfpschneider@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 11:57:47 -0700
Message-ID: <5390BDAB.8080603@gmail.com>
To: phil.barker@hw.ac.uk, "public-vocabs@w3.org" <public-vocabs@w3.org>
I'm not saying that you are saying anything wrong.  I was just surprised. 
Does anyone know the actual situation?  I was unable to find any announcement.

I also note that the Infobox in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schema.org lists 
W3C as an organizer for schema.org.  This information was introduced by a Wes 
Turner on 27 May 2013, but there does not appear to be any source for the 


On 06/05/2014 11:42 AM, Phil Barker wrote:
> On 05/06/14 19:07, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
>> Is W3C part of the schema.org initiative?
> Sorry, my mistake. It'll be fixed tomorrow.
> Phil
>> peter
>> On 06/05/2014 08:57 AM, Phil Barker wrote:
>>> Hello all.
>>> I hope you don't mind me using this list to advertise a briefing paper which
>>> aims to describe schema.org. I also invite comments and discussion on how it
>>> might be improved in future revisions.
>>> As part of our work for Creative Commons on managing the Learning Resource
>>> Metadata Initiative (LRMI), Cetis today publish a new technical briefing paper
>>> “What is schema.org?”.
>>> We often find that when explaining the technology approach of LRMI we are
>>> mostly talking about schema.org, so this briefing, which describes the
>>> schema.org specification for a technical audience should be of interest to
>>> anyone thinking about implementing or using LRMI in a website or other tool.
>>> It should also be of interest to people who plan to use schema.org for
>>> describing other types of resource.
>>> You can download the briefing from http://publications.cetis.ac.uk/2014/960
>>> Best regards, Phil
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