Re: Another example of Wikidata + for type enumerations

On 2/22/14 4:37 PM, Gregg Kellogg wrote:
> The Wikidata produced RDf is quite useful, though. In general, settling on Wikidata as a primary identifier space seems like a good idea to me, but it would be nice if at least one of the sameAs relationships was to something else that's useful, like an RDF version of a Freebase resource, or DBpedia (unless that's considered competition?). Perhaps Freebase could also declare an equivalent to the Wikidata page, they do both say they're equivalent to the same Wikipedia pages in this case, anyway. (Denny?)

Interesting insight.

In the realm of Linked Data, why would DBpedia be perceived as 
competition to Freebase, Wikidata, or anything else? That said, I think 
you do raise an interesting point that's certainly worth open and frank 



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