Re: Sports Vocabulary Proposal

SportsTeam player [Person]
Should be:
SportsTeam member [Person]
Player does not always adequately describe team membership, see; motorsport, diving, equestrian etc.

At the BBC we model seasons using RecurringCompetition.
The Premier League is a recurring competition, the Premier League 2014 is a seasonal instance with time boundaries.
We attach teams to the seasonal instance using competesIn.

I agree that sub-classes of SportsTeam will be problematic and enumerating external vocabularies via hasDiscipline is better.

Similarly, statistics and actions vary widely between sports and publishers, probably beyond the scope of

With reference to the 'Russell Wilson - Player Stats' example in Proposalv2:
I feel competitor is wrong since teams not individuals compete in the NFL.
For a single game event, how would the relationship between the player and the team be made?


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I have published an updated version of this proposal which removes the ability to define statistics for a Person or SportsTeam outside the context of an event.  This eliminates the need to introduce the temporal scoping properties of ‘startDate’, ‘endDate’, and ‘duringEvent’ which I expected would soon be deprecated via a more broad solution in the near future.  In addition, the concept of ‘ResultType’ has been renamed to ‘CompetitionDecision’ in an effort to be more semantically correct.  The respective referring properties have been updated as well.  A full change log has been added to the bottom of the document.


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