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> On Feb 3, 2014, at 5:46 PM, Dan Scott wrote:
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> > I think it makes a lot of sense to try and distill some best practices
> here, and hopefully reflect those into the documentation. Let's take a
> concert ticket as an example, which would probably be a multi-typed
> "schema:Product schema:MusicEvent" (and please correct me on any of these
> assumptions!)
> >
> > - name of the item
> >
> > Assuming we're using schema:name here, are we talking about the name of
> the MusicEvent or the name of the Product? (That is, "Katy Perry's
> Prismatic World Tour 2014" or "Ticket for Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour
> 2014"). I'm guessing that in the case of a multi-typed Product it would be
> the latter.
> >
> > - title / headline
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> I think that for multi-typed entity you can only have the same name for
> the different roles of the object. A "convention" that relies on details of
> the syntactical representation is likely to break in a multi-syntax
> environment with RDFa, Microdata, and JSON-LD on the table.
> If one wants to model different names for multiple roles of the same
> entity, I would define them as two entities and link them via sameAs. Then
> you have stated equivalence of the entities while you are still able to
> properly represent differing values for the same property.
> This does of course not work if you use a reasoner that consolidates the
> facts from multiple representations of the same entity. But OWL-style
> reasoning is, IMO, not very relevant in processing data, at
> least as of today (and sameAs in is not formally equivalent to
> owl:sameAs anyway).
Agreed on all points; thanks, Martin, as always, for the clarity and
thoughtfulness of your reply!

One of my goals in putting together a concrete example was to try and tease
out the intended difference between the "name of the item" and the "title /
headline" generic properties you had put forward (which is also relevant to
the initial subject of this thread). Over in GoodRelations, you have
gr:name as equivalent to dc:title, so there seems to be no meaningful
difference there. Can you provide a little more insight into how you think
those properties should be differentiated in


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