Re: Machine-readable cardinalities

I've released a tool that extracts cardinality of's properties.
It is available on GitHub:
The result file containing extracted cardinalities is attached.

The tool extract the cardinality from Good Relations if available or try to
guess it using some regular expressions (
). has a total of 710 properties. The tool is able to extract
cardinality for 613 of them. For 197, the tool is not able to guess the
cardinality: the cardinality must be edited manually or the extractor must
be enhanced to support most sentences.

 If there is any plan to add the cardinality to properties in a
machine-readable format (like in Good Relations), we can complete and
double-check the generated cardinality.json file and automatically update
the labels of all properties in the HTML+RDFa file to add the cardinality.

2014-01-25 Kévin Dunglas <>:

> Hi,
> I'm writing a code generator that converts's types to PHP
> classes.
> I'm looking for a machine-friendly way to extract cardinalities of
> properties.
> Actually I've started to parse rdf:comment with regex but this is not
> practical. Does someone has a better idea?
> A notation such as the one used in Good Relations would be pleasant:
> 10).
> Thanks.
> --
> Kévin Dunglas

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