Re: why "about" and "mentions" are Thing, but "keywords" isn't?


On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 9:40 AM, Chilly_Bang <> wrote:

> Hello to all!
> Why are properties "about" and "mentions" allowed to be a Thing, but
> "keywords" only a text?

Thanks for raising this point, I was going to ask the same question. Many
systems natively exposes keywords / tags as entities. In the case of Drupal
for example, each keyword has a page which lists all the content on the
site tagged with that same keyword. See example [1] showing all content
tagged with the "non-profit" keyword.

The current description of keywords reads "The keywords/tags used to
describe this content.". To me it feels like we're encouraging authors to
put all keywords into one single plain text value. How are the keywords
separated? comma, space, tab? Each keyword is text, no way to identify each
with a URI. As pointed out by evgeniy, a lot of other properties of are allowed to be a Thing, Person, Organization...

Could we update the range (expected type) of 'keywords' to be 'Thing'?
Could we make 'keywords' singular, and also update its description to "A
keyword or tag used to describe this content.". I've added this proposal to
the list of pending singularity proposals [2].



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