Re: replace faxNumber and telephone with contactPoint

On 3 Jun 2013, at 15:55, Dan Brickley <> wrote:

> My advice would be to publish in RDFa and mix-in both types at the
> instance level when it makes sense, rather have itself say
> for each type which one will also always be a place. We don't say
> anything that stops something being both a Courthouse and a
> GovernmentBuilding, for example.

So I should use RDFa because it allows me to qualify the same piece of HTML markup as both Courthouse and GovernmentBuilding?

> (in fact I think Microdata is fine
> with multiple types too, so long as they come from the same
> vocabulary, which they do in this case).

So microdata allows it too? I can't really see how.

> While we could tweak the type hierarchy and add more Place subtypes
> under Organization (or LocalBusiness) that seems an endless task.
> We should probably add contactPoint into Place. (e.g. A Volcano having
> a contactPoint seems better than it having a faxNumber…).



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