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Dear Dan:

I think the following issue is still open:

Is there, in the meantime, consensus on whether boolean values should 

- the URI of and
	<link itemprop="property_name" href=" />

- the lower-caps literal values "true" and "false" or
	<meta itemprop="property_name content="true">

- the same literals with an initial capital letter, i.e. "True" and "False"?
	<meta itemprop="property_name content="True">

Even if the Google parsers are tolerant with this, I think developers would love to have a definite specification.

A simple solution would be to implement the proposal dated April 2012, i.e.

1. Proposed change:

A simple text amendment for,, and
 would do the trick.:

Note: The recommended use of this datatype is with a string “true” or “false” indicating the value of the respective property.
<div itemscope itemtype="
<span itemprop="name">The Catcher in the Rye</span>
 Family-friendly: <meta itemprop="isFamilyFriendly" content="true"> yes

2. Proposed action: Add this note to 



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