Re: webschema-ISSUE-23 (danbri): No Organization subtype for Non-Profit

Excerpts from Karen Coyle's message of 2013-07-06 13:14:45 +0000:
> I agree that NGO \= non-profit, but non-profit also \= charitable 
> organization. Depending on the country, NGO's and non-profits are 
> divided differently. This Wikipedia article gives an idea of the 
> enormity of this category:
> (I had no idea that BINGO, TANGO, BONGO and DONGO, etc., existed!)
> One could create a few high level divisions and use productOntology for 
> details if needed, although many types here do not (yet) have Wikipedia 
> pages of their own.
I recall Move Commons [1] effort where people work on Creative Commons like badges/tags for movements. They include as one of defined tags [2] Non-Profit / For-Profit

IMO using collection of tags/badges one can define organizations in more flexible way then categorization, while not excluding it. In case of 501(c) organizations maybe they could just use commonly recognized badge/certificate?

I may send email to Open Badges [3] discussion group [4] asking about self issuing badges and linking them with some common criteria. BTW I see Open Badges documentation for Assertions [5] recommends using LRMI [6]


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